How we think we are anonymous when we aren’t


We see new technology and advancements pop up every day. And sadly, with all those developments and further improvements, privacy, and use data get played around with. That’s why things like the deep web or anonymous browsing are getting more and more traction.

The same goes for our finances; we see more and more people getting into cryptocurrency, and soon, global adaptation will take over. So, there is a greater need for privacy or a way for people to stay under the radar without staring eyes. This can be done with VPN on iPhone and other gadgets but also with an anonymous texter.

What is an anonymous texter?

Using an anonymous texter gives you that extra layer or wall of anonymity that you are looking for. What you use an anonymous texter for is really your choice. You could use it for everything from innocently pranking your friends to sending out messages to someone you don’t want to give out your number to.

Check out this state-of-the-art service at Anonymous Text if you think this could be a good solution for you. Perhaps you feel that VPN can be tracked and isn’t all you need in order to stay under the radar when using the Internet.

Now we will look a little bit closer at how we are currently exposed on the Internet and how we think we are anonymous when we are not.

Internet history and usage

Everything that you search or look up online gets uploaded to your google account or gets communicated with the developer of your browser. So, any browser you use will track your internet usage and history and relay that info to the browser administrators.

One way you could avoid this is using “incognito mode” in your browser, but later, you’ll learn that incognito still leaves traces behind. When you open up incognito mode, your browser history won’t be relayed to the browser admins anymore or saved locally on your device anymore, so all good, no?

Your internet service provider. Well, your internet history and usage still go through your ISP. So, AT&T and other internet providers can see everything you look up, even in the almighty incognito mode.

Using built in VPN in your browser

A way to stay completely anonymous is through a browser with a built-in VPN. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) relays all your info through internet providers in other countries. It is virtually impossible for your ISP or anyone to know what you were looking up or how long or how many times.

Popular services out there are NordVPN, or a browser with relay information in there is called “brave”. Brave is the browser for people ready to take their online privacy seriously. Brave is a browser that features a full adblocker and tor VPN built-in.

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