What is proxy chaining?

proxy chaining

The proxy chain is a very useful tool. Proxy chains is an open-source project for GNU/Linux systems that will force any TCP connection to move through proxies. With proxy chaining you can run any chosen program through a proxy server.

What are proxy chains?

proxy chains are used to stay anonymous when testing a network for a company. Using a proxy server, you can make the things you do online anonymous. Your original IP is not shown using the proxy server.

proxy chains build on this but they are not the same thing as a proxy server. They rather operate at application level. In effect, proxy chains can make exactly everything you do online anonymous to a greater extent than if you were just to use a proxy server the regular way.

Proxy chaining, or socks proxy, will make socket connections anonymous. The method will connect two or several proxy servers for you to reach the page you are looking for.

Can you be traced when you use proxy chaining?

Proxy chaining works very well and is a good choice when you are looking to stay anonymous online. However, understand that even with proxy chains you cannot stay completely anonymous. The proxy used to establish a connection will still be a point you could be traced to.

If you are looking to stay out of sight you could consider using foreign proxies. That will make it harder to trace you. To find you, one would have to get the logs of every proxy used in the chain. This might be easier said than done since you need to get the information from the administrator of each proxy involved.

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