Should vpn be illegal?

VPN illegal

Should it be illegal to cover your tracks online? In most Western countries VPN is legal and people understand the need to use it. Since the net has evolved to a place where a lot of information is gathered automatically about you and your activities you need a solution for it.

But there are countries where VPN is illegal. In China, the restrictions are such that you are not allowed to use Facebook, Twitter and many other sites that you take for granted. Using VPN in China to get to them is not legal.

Should VPN be illegal everywhere?

The answer to this question depends on how you view your rights when surfing online. If you think that the internet should be a place where all information about you and your activities should be available to authorities and the sites you visit, you might not want VPN as part of the picture.

If you think that the authorities should control what you do online and be able to ban certain site, well, then VPN should not be allowed. This is really a political question and also one that touches your rights as an individual using services online.

There is not one simple yes or no answer to this question. Every person will have to consider all the aspects before deciding whether VPN should be illegal or not…

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