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If you need accurate data collection, NetNut might be just the thing for you. Many companies and individuals run into the problem of inaccurate data collection online. Not to mention the risk of getting blocked when trying to gather information online.

NetNut is a residential proxy network that helps businesses and private users reach information online with minimum blocks. This service provides you with a secure business proxy network. Any HTTP/S requests will go through residential IPs.

A network of millions of residential proxies

The unique aspect of NetNut is the collection of millions of residential proxies that are located all over the world. This gives the user the possibility of searching information online undisturbed. The service is fast, efficient and with low latency.

In effect it will hide your IP-address and thereby let you bypass geo-restrictions as well as information gathering about you.

What is this useful for?

NetNut’s proxy service comes in handy in many different situations.

Some examples of use are:

  • Collecting SEO data online. Learning more about specific keywords and collecting information to use for online marketing purposes.
  • Comparing prices from many different vendors, for example when looking for a flight ticket.
  • Scrape the web for changes in pricing on certain products and services.
  • Surfing safer by hiding your tracks online.

Premium IPs only

NetNut promises to use premium IPs only. This is what makes the service fast and efficient. This service gives you zero IP-blocking!

How does it work?

You access NetNut’s proxy service online. You choose a plan that fits your budget and needs. Thereafter you can start collecting data undisturbed. NetNut is there with support 24/7 and you can try their service for free during a 7-day trial.

Pros (+)

+ Good speed
+ Stable
+ Zero geo-blocking

Cons (-)

– Not cheap
– For advanced users

Editor score

4.2 out of 5
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