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SmartProxies is one of the largest proxy providers on the market. They have made their name offering high quality residential proxies to a reasonable price. Today, you can get two types of proxies with SmartProxies. Let’s have a look.

Two kinds of proxies

As mentioned, there are two types of proxies available with SmartProxies:

  1. Residential Proxy – They are rotating with nice features. You get an access to 40 million IPs. The proxies are located in 195 different countries. City targeting is possible. Recently it has also become possible to target US states. This type gives you a sticky session of up to half an hour.
  2. Datacenter Proxy – The datacenter proxies are shared. This also means that they are cheap. Here you get access to 40 000 IPs. They are located all over the US. Here you also get up to 30 minutes sticky sessions.

All the proxies are IPV4 of a good kind. This service has no connections limits. This means that you can use this proxy provider to make hundreds of connections at the same time.

A user-friendly proxy provider

This is a user-friendly option. The dashboard is easy to understand and use. The setup is easy enough. You should be able to handle this without much prior experience. Once you pick a plan, you are soon using the service properly!

Who will benefit from SmartProxies?

Many can see the advantages of using this proxy service. If you want to cover your tracks online and wish for better security for your devices, this is a good choice. Likewise, social media managers and people who do smaller type of scraping jobs, will be able to benefit from SmartProxies.

Choose SmartProxies if you want:

  • Functionality
  • Support for market research
  • Support for sneaker copping
  • Support for ad verification

Do not pick this service if you need a full setup of niche features!

Pros (+)

+ Good value for money
+ Functional
+ Good for market research

Cons (-)

– Poor niche features

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