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Stormproxies is a backconnect rotating proxy, which comes with unlimited bandwidth.
They offer a 24 hours money-back guarantee, and support payments with credit cards as well as with Paypal.

The most basic plan supports up to 40 simultaneous connections with a single IP.

You can get a unique fresh HTTP request for each query, the proxies change their IP every 3 minutes.

Pros (+)

+ Affordable
+ Large proxy pool
+ Money back guarantee
+ Work with many SEO tools

Cons (-)

– Will not always work with Google.

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3.0 out of 5
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Cheap, but not for SERP scraping

July 13, 2021

Their support is friendly, and the rates are very affordable.

I tried their rotating proxy with several projects, they are not bad, but they do not fit google/bing.

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